Analytics United, LLC is a boutique consulting and software development firm, dedicated to helping businesses improve their supply chain operations.

On the consulting side, we are Oracle-certified gold partners focusing on demand management, inventory and procurement planning, and truckload optimization for wholesale, distribution, and retail businesses. As seasoned professionals, we have special expertise in implementing Oracle Planning Cloud, and On-Premise Planning packages like Demantra (all modules), ASCP (Advanced Supply Chain Planning) as well.

On software development, we have developed tools for inventory optimization (AU Inventory Optimizer) and Procurement Planning (AU Buyer’s Workbench). Those tools have reduced significant business cost, improved productivity, and customer service levels for our clients.

Our software tools complement the Oracle solution. Our Buyer’s Workbench tool was meticulously developed for the wholesale/distribution and retail industry. The Analytics United Buyer’s Workbench has been certified by Oracle and is listed under Oracle Cloud Market Place.

Our unique Buyer’s Workbench tool:

  • Automatically recommends purchasing orders meeting vendor requirements
  • Optimize Full truck load to minimize transportation costs
  • Maximize ROI for investment purchasing opportunities

Our unique Inventory Optimization tool:

  • Optimally recommends safety stock policy using machine learning based on actual historical performance. This approach does not use the theoretical safety stock formula which assumes noise is normally distributed (an untrue assumption in real world) which most software vendors use.
  • Our Solution Templates are incorporated with industry best practices to shorten implementation time and accelerate time-to-value.
  • Our consultants have certifications in CSCP, PMP, and CPIM. They understand the functions they are responsible for and how their processes impact other operations and businesses. Where experience counts, our professionals have had experience of implementing hundreds of planning projects.

Our Unique Selling Point

  • AU Inventory Optimization – a cutting edge machine learning technology to reduce inventory by up to 33% while still meeting the same customer service level
  • AU Buyer’s Workbench – a bolt-on application certified by Oracle Corporation for Oracle planning cloud (and on-premise package as well) is a leading tool for inventory and procurement planning
  • Strong track record of successful project implementations
  • Industry expertise and a wealth of experience
  • Oracle certified consultants following industry best practices
  • Solution Templates that reduce Implementation Time and accelerate Time-to-Value