Planning Solutions for Wholesale Distribution and Retail Industries: Challenges and Opportunities

The Internet has brought about a paradigm shift in wholesale and retail industries. Due to speedy innovation and rising on time in full (OTIF) requirements on products, the competition has toughened for supply chain professionals.

Ensuring the right product in the right place at the right time is challenging. Also, wholesale distributors and retailers face the following issues:

  • High Inventory Levels: High warehouse maintenance and product obsolescence cause capital loss
  • Stock Unavailability: Unavailability of products negatively impact customer satisfaction and cause lost sales
  • Low-Profit Margin: Wholesalers and retailers lack the capability to optimize the forward buy opportunity for discounts/incentives offered by vendors to move products
  • Internal Transfer: Wholesalers and retailers purchase from vendors instead of directly transferring goods from other warehouses, causing overstock and product obsolescence

The Solution

The proven forecasting algorithms of Oracle Demand Management Cloud enable accurate demand anticipation. It provides quick feedback on products and explains customer behavior. Such cloud-based planning helps you manage the supply chain, facilitate prompt response, exhibit customer-centricity, and improve business performance.

At Analytics United, our in-house cloud solution, Buyer’s Workbench, works in tandem with Oracle Demand Planning Cloud to generate customized inventory and procurement plans. These plans meet vendor requirements, optimize procurement margin, and reduce overall inventory while achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction. The Analytics United Buyer’s Workbench has been certified by Oracle and is listed under Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Our unique Buyer’s Workbench tool:

  • Automatically recommends purchasing orders meeting vendor requirements
  • Optimize Full truck load to minimize transportation costs
  • Maximize ROI for investment purchasing opportunities


“Young’s Market Company partnered with Analytics United to implement Demantra as a part of our ERP implementation of Oracle EBS. Partner Chao-Ming Ying of Analytics United, took the time to fully understand our business from exploration to design, all the way through integration testing and launch. Chao-Ming was an excellent partner, finding process and system solutions which helped our supply chain become more dynamic and responsive to changes in demand. I would highly recommend Chao-Ming and Analytics United!”

“Analytics United worked closely with our supply chain team at Aramark Uniform Services on our Oracle Demantra implementation project. Their expertise and experience were clearly evident and their ability to adapt to the unique challenges of apparel forecasting and demand planning was key to our success. It was a pleasure working closely with such a highly talented team of supply chain professionals on the specific challenges of the apparel industry.”